Beautiful Sunset
Watching the orange, blue and golden colors bounce off canyon walls during the setting sun made heaven seem at your feet. In the spring of 2009, I traveled to one of the largest known National Parks here in Texas. Big Bend, located in west Texas, is a great place to bring your family or friends. My family and I participated in all kind of activities, including hiking, biking, trail riding and rock climbing; it is truly my favorite place to travel. The weather was fairly comfortable ranging in the high 80s, and the nights were cool enough to wear a jacket and pants.  The cool nights in Big Bend were spectacular with millions of stars crowding the  evening sky. Looking at it in awe, I cherished the beauty I knew I couldn't find in the city. We were fortunate to get bungalows that were a few miles down the road to the park; however, we were told to always take a vehicle since the park is over 800,000 acres. While driving, we caught glimpses of the various wildlife in the park, including deer, road runners, coyotes, mountain lions, and many other birds, and insects.                                                             http://www.nps.gov/bibe/planyourvisit/things2do.htm

Grapevine Trail
One of my favorite memories of Big Bend was being in two different countries at once at the Rio Grande River at Santa Elena. There was a serious drought in the year of 2009 and some areas of the Rio Grande were low, we could jump from one side to the other and say that we were in either Mexico or the United States.During one daring experience, I stood underneath a massive rock. Grapevine Trail is a hiking trail that leads to a boulder that has been wedged between two canyon walls.  The trail acquired its name from the vines that once covered the area; however, the increase in tourism wore the grapevines away. Another fun adventure in Big Bend was horse riding to a place called Pride Rock. This rock resembles a scene from the well known Disney Movie The Lion King, which happens to be my favorite Disney movie. The trail was 3 hours long and we had dinner at the top of a canyon and watched the sun set on the horizon.

Windows Mountain, Chisos Basin
One of my sad, but memorable events that occurred on my trip in Big Bend was spreading my maternal grandpa’s ashes at the Windows Mountain at Chisos Basin. It is a valley that is very phenomenal in the evenings. The sun seems to set in  the middle of these two ridges and the valley floor lights up with spectacular colors. My grandpa loved to bring his camper to Big Bend and spend a week in the park during spring break. He would take my grandma with him in the afternoons and they would sit in the center of the two mountains, where they remained till dark. I was happy to see his ashes spread in a place he will always remember.

Green Gulch Trail

In the past, Native Americans and Mexicans passed through Big  Bend in search of gold, silver, and fertile lands. There is still evidence on canyon walls of their stories and you can drive your car along portions of the
Comanche Trail, the same route that Comanche warriors once traveled on  raids into Mexico.There were also mines in the Chisos Mountains, and according to legend, the cave that looks like a little house is haunted by the ghost of the Indian slave who guarded the mines.  It’s called the Watchman's House off of Green Gulch Trail. Big Bend National Parks offers tourists the blissful, rocky landscape of west Texas and trails leading to a place of escape. http://www.nps.gov/bibe/index.htm

10/22/2012 12:23:38 am

You used great imagery in this essay. I have spent alot of time in that part of the country and share your feelings on the beauty. You managed to include a bunch of great personal stories that served to really draw in the reader. Great job

10/22/2012 03:34:50 am

My name is Ashley Abreu and your blog interested me because I would like to go to Big Bend National park. I love the imagery you put into your blog. You painted the park as a place of beauty and sorrow. Yet, it can still be a joyous place to visit. I was unaware that there was a place called Pride Rock. I love the Disney movie The Lion King and it is exciting to hear that I could visit a place that resembles the movie’s Pride Rock. The Big Bend National Park holds many happy and sad stories and I am glad that you shared both the sad and happy history you left at the park. Your story will be added to those that came before you.

Ben Hollon
10/24/2012 12:23:29 am

Hello my name is Ben Hollon, I was intrigued by your blog because I have always wanted to visit Big Bend. since is was a little kid I have been amazed at how nature can do such amazing things. Thank you for informing me about how the sun sets inbetween the two ridges, I will visit this spot one day.

Kevin Allen
10/24/2012 03:26:16 am

Hello my name is Kevin Allen. This blog interested me because when I was younger, my family took me on a camping trip to Big Bend National park. I remember the cool nights and the awesome sun rises which made the whole surrounding area seem very peaceful. I would definitely like to go back now after reading this blog.

Kelsey Schumaker
10/24/2012 08:24:41 am

Hi Tori! My name is Kelsey Schumaker and I'm affiliated with the traveling website called Global Connect in my Technical Writing Class. I loved reading your blog about Big Bend National Park because, I too, have been there! Its an awesome experience and its something you can't see anywhere else. One of my favorite parts of the trip, like yours, was going to the window. Its an amazing sight to see and I'm so glad you can connect that feeling with your grandpa. I really like that you mentioned rock climbing, biking, and going through trails because that's something I would like to do next time. Reading your blog really makes me want to go back and just stare at the open sky with all the stars.


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