As a cure to the holiday blues that many students face from staying behind, Travel4U organization has come up with an event called Winter Scavengers. The event will take place on December 17 at 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. Groups participating in the event will be asked to meet at College Hall to begin their journey. Each group will be getting a list of places that Deidra and I found in the Kingsville and Corpus area. The finish point will be at the U.S.S Lexington located in Corpus, which also give many of the participants a choice of staying in the area if they please. To win in this scavenger hunt is simple the group who visited the most places with a picture of proof is the winner. First, second and third place will all be entered in a raffle to win from the top prizes that include iTunes gift cards, alarm clocks, and USB’s while all other participants receive maps. Publicity for the event has been showcased with flyers, which were created by Tori have been placed all around campus and town.
Flyer created by Editor-in-Chief Tori Haynes
Also mini flyers that were created by Adrianna have been passed out to the public. In return for hosting this event we hope that students will be able to enjoy themselves as well as getting familiar with their surroundings so that they will not feel so hopeless during the holidays. The blueprints for our event can be seen our Prezi Presentation.

Mini-flyer created by Chief Researcher Adrianna

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