My favorite relaxing trip was to Ruidoso, New Mexico. Ruidoso is a village with a population of 8,000 in the southern part of New Mexico. I spent my whole 2009 spring break there, excluding the day it took to travel from home and back. Being surrounded by all of my family made the trip so much better; my whole family stayed together in a cabin big enough for about fifteen to twenty

Ski Apache
    When we first arrived, the climate and altitude difference made me a little sick but as soon as I adjusted to it, I enjoyed the week we spent there. The first thing I noticed are huge carved wooden bears outside of every store. If you go downtown, there is a store where you can buy your own. On our way to the cabin, we passed Ski Apache which made me start my long annoying period of asking to go skiing.  We drove through town noticing some things that went along with the Native American culture. We saw a few teepees before we proceeded into town not realizing that we were a part of the town we would soon be spending the next few days in. When I first saw the cabin we would stay in, it reminded me of the cabins you see in movies. It was a big wooden cabin that reminded me of a toy log cabin and hadn’t been modernized so it made it feel more “outdoorsy.” It was surrounded by tall trees and the closest cabin was almost two miles away, so we were secluded in our own area to go hiking and enjoy ourselves on the outdoor patio. 
     The most memorable experience was hiking with my dad every morning after breakfast. It was so relaxing and we would watch the deer walk to the area they had designated for deer feedings. Being from South Texas made it hard to adjust to the temperature. I was used to south Texas spring break with warm weather that you can go to the beach in, not in Ruidoso. It’s still cold enough for light snow and freezes, so you have to bundle up in a medium sized jacket. I was hoping it was cold enough to keep the beginner’s slope open at Ski Apache, unfortunately it was too warm and they had to close it. So I was disappointed but I was able to take the gondola to the top of the mountain and see the most beautiful view! It was a view you would see in a magazine. 

Deer eating feed outside of our cabin
    When we went downtown, there were so many different types of stores to choose to walk into. There were numerous stores to buy souvenirs and some to buy handmade animal rugs and luggage. There was one store that sold the huge carved wooden bears that you would see everywhere. We were able to meet a man that
worked there carving mini bears for your keychain. He would carve religious pieces as well. They even had a puppy sweet shop where they made edible sweets and handmade outfits for your canine for a low price, so I had to get something for my puppy. They had many other kinds of store for everyone’s interests. 
     On one of the colder days, the adults went to the casinos while the kids stayed behind and made smores in the fireplace. When the adults came back to bar-be-que dinner, we caught sight of the most beautiful sunset. It was setting behind the mountains and the trees were on the side with differentshades of yellow to orange then to the blue of night to make the perfect sunset. We spent the starry night in the cool weather laughing and enjoying our time away from home, not having to worry about anyone complaining about us being too loud. Being secluded in our own cabin away from a busy city was what made this trip my favorite. We were able to just relax and enjoy the outdoors. 


Breanne Carr
10/22/2012 02:44:17 am

My name is Breanne Carr and I am part of the travel group Global Connect. I enjoyed your blog about Ruidoso because my family and I used to go skiing there every winter for about 12 years. You have to go back and try it some day! The town is also a very neat place to visit since there are so many places to shop.

Angela Garcia
10/24/2012 12:27:40 am

My name is Angela Garcia, I’m from Corpus Christi Texas and am a student at Texas A&M Kingsville studying Communication Sciences and Disorders. I really enjoyed reading your blog because I love going on vacation, especially when it's "outdoorsy". My favorite thing was the cabin y'all stayed in, I have a big family and I am very close to them so sharing a cabin together would be very fun. One of my aunts goes to Ruidoso every year for New Years and my mom has been wanting to go for a long time. After reading your blog I will have to share with her so maybe we can go for our next vacation.


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