When the holidays roll around we all get excited to finally be able to go home and spend some quality time with our loved one, however this may not be the case for most. Many college students do not get this luxury due to the financial expense it takes to travel the great distance back home. This occurs to most of the international and out of state students like my roommate and her boyfriend who are from Southern Mexico. They end up having to stay in Kingsville, which can be considered a ghost town during the vacation period. To ease this burden they can partake in a scavenger hunt the Travel4U organization is in the process of creating. The scavenger hunt would consist of keys locations that the participants must visit and be required to take a picture of them at the location for proof.  All participants would then be required to return to the starting point after the time limit set expires. The winner would then be determined by whoever visited the most locations, with second and third place following. However, there would be no losers in this activity; all participants who did not make the cut would get a small prize. This activity would allow them to experience not only their college town but the surrounding cities and all the fun they have to offer. Also being able to interact with other students who are dealing with the same situation can also have its benefits leading to newly formed friendships.  

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