Christmas has always been a time of happiness and cheerful moods. Everyone is spreading the warmth and the feelings of joy can definitely be felt around the world. Houses are glowing and families are warm by the fire place, while stores are all playing cheerful Christmas tunes. The bad times, for once, are set aside and families get to come together to celebrate. For some, this time is cherished and plenty of memories are made, but for others, things just continue along, and actually this time of year can be exhausting and stressful. This feeling is known as the “Holiday Blues”.
          Personally, I love Christmas, and the time I get to spend with my family and friends. I love that we all come together and get to feast as a family. Little moments like these I enjoy, and Christmas is one holiday that gets to bring us all together with a cheerful mood. I wish everyone felt as I did about this time of year, but sadly, I do know a couple who happens to have feelings that are a little bit opposite of mine.
      I have known this couple on a personal level for about three years now. They recently married this past November, and had a beautiful baby girl. I met Andrew in middle school, and we have been best friends ever since. Audrey and I met in high school, and as we got closer, she and Andrew did as well. They both hit it off, like we did, and have been together ever since. To this day, they have been married a year, and they have shared with me their feelings of the “Holiday Blues.”
    “I really want to try to get my whole family something and of course my little Ava also.” I have heard this so many times from Audrey. She is the type of person to try and do things for people, knowing that shy might not have the means. She gets down in the dumps because she is not able to provide a Christmas gift for her family that she feels they deserve.  When it comes to money, they are both not high enough on the financial ladder to be able to buy everyone nice gifts. I always say that the little things are what counts, and the thought as well. Andrew on the other hand, is a whole different story. 

    “Audrey, we don’t have enough money for that, we need to pay our bills!” Every time I am around them, Audrey seems to feel the need to want to buy something, and Andrew always needs to inform her that they cannot buy whatever she sees and thinks is cute. He is the one to get a little more frustrated and stressed instead of depressed. Andrew is more in charge of handling the money and bills than worrying about what gifts to get. He believes in the simple things and not splurging too much when they can’t. Both of them together do not make a “cheerful” holiday combination. One is wanting while the other is disapproving. Throughout all of this, the only “joyful” and happy feelings they get are from their 7 month old, Ava. She really shows them the true meaning of bliss. Although, they both struggle through this time of year, they are learning new ways to overcome these new emotions.
    With help from family and friends, they are looking into new ways to enjoy the holiday season. They have both decided to set goals, and budgets. If their budget cannot handle gifts, they will save and have to cut back on certain leisure activities that they would do. They have decided to enjoy local festivities that happen in their community that are free of charge. A lot of events go on in our home town that does not require money. They have both decided to spend more family time together, and also with each other only. Date nights and family nights are on their agenda for this season. They want to cherish each other a lot more and enjoy each others company during the beautiful weather and season. It will take some time to get use to, especially for Audrey, but this Holiday season will hopefully only consists of the colors red, white, and green.

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