Growing up my family would always love taking road trips, especially to Mexico since most of our relatives live there. Being the youngest, my memories of these trips are just bits and pieces that are influenced by the stories I was told.Visiting Fort Worth and actually being able to make my own memories and experiences about the trip is why it is at the top of my list. When you hear about the Fort Worth area, many would believe that it doesn’t have much to offer. I as many shared this belief, but was proven wrong when I went for a visit to see my older sister Miriam. Going up there to see her graduate, I didn’t expect to experience the weekend I did.  The place that captivated me the most would be, The Water Gardens in the downtown area. It was beyond what I had ever seen.
    The Water Gardens was designed in 1974 by architects Phillips Johnson from New York.  It contains four main attractions. The Active Pool, which is a labyrinth in the shape of a down-spiral.  It has stepping stones which lead to a small pool. It is said to be about four stories with water rushing down from all over the walls. Leading to a very calming waterfall noise that lets off a cool mist.
My parents and sister Miriam at the Quiet Pool
Next is the Aerating Pool.  It features a display of sprinklers which creates a beautiful rainbow filled sight.  If the lighting is right, you will be in for a treat from this sprinkler show.  The sprinklers let off an illusion that you would be able to walk right on the water. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to go through the sprinklers, which is a test of self-control on those hot summer days. 

Now we have the Quiet pool.  It is a quiet and serene place.  The reasoning behind the word of “quiet” is because it is a place of pure simplicity.  Just being there would automatically make you want to whisper.  It is simply a beautiful, romantic place to take your significant other on a date.  It is also ideal for just admiring the beauty of what Nature is.  The pool is in the shape of a large rectangle and rimmed by cypress trees.  The trees make a shadow on the water which looks spectacular. 
    Finally, we have The Mountains. The only attraction at The Water Gardens that does not contain any water.  However, the lack of water does not take away from its simple beauty.  You can climb the narrow ledges and the beautiful terrain of the mountain.  It is ideal to try a climb on a cold day, which, unfortunately, is rare in Fort Worth.
    The Water Gardens have also been home to some scenes in films.  It appears in the 1975 science fiction film “Logan’s Run” in the chase scene.  In the 1979 TV version of another science fiction movie, “The Lathe of Heaven” it is the setting of the ending scene.  The beauty of the Water Gardens has shown to be up to par in order to be shown in film.

    The Water Gardens in Fort Worth are sight to see.  From all of the aquatic scenery to even the unique mountain attraction, it is a place for the family to enjoy.  I won’t ever forget the images of beauty I took form the Water Gardens and everyone should have the joy of seeing what my eyes saw.  In Texas, where the heat is always the norm, there is no better place to be at then the joy of the water.  The Water Gardens give you that joy, along with simply stunning sights.  Whether it be just some time alone, with a date or with a family, the Water Gardens in Fort Worth are simply a must go. It is located at 1502 Commerce St, Fort Worth, TX 76102 and if you do not want to feed the meter parking is free after six p.m.
10/22/2012 10:23:21

My name is Asenet Vallejo. The title used for this blog seemed really interesting and made me want to read about your vacation. I had never heard of such a beautiful place and it is now on my "Things I wanna do" list. The Water Gardens in Fort Worth is definately a place to see!

10/22/2012 10:37:59

My name is Tamara Lee. The title of your blog caught my attention. I rarely go to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but I have never heard of The Fort Worth Water Gardens. Seeing the photos taken at The Fort Worth Water Gardens, it seems so tranquil. I know that the next time that I am in Fort Worth, The Water Gardens will be on my “must see” list.

10/24/2012 10:35:46

My name is Cristina Gonzalez. At a first glance of your blog, I saw the photos and immediately assumed this place was no where near home. When learning that this destination was located in Fort Worth, I was really caught by surprise. I've been to the Fort Worth area and never knew of this wonderful place. The Fort Worth Water Gardens really do seem to give people the calming feeling, much so that I felt at peace just by looking at your photos. I've never really had anything to look forward to for a trip to Fort Worth, but I sure do now!

Sandy Picasso
10/28/2012 17:18:52

My name is Sandy Picasso, I'm from Alice, TX and I am in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program at Texas A&M University Kingsville. I really enjoyed your blog because it made me want to visit Fort Worth. I have never traveled with my family, only on school trips so after reading your article I feel like I NEED to encourage my family to take a trip! It sounds like a wonderful experience.


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