During the holidays, I am fortunate enough to be able to spend time with my family. Some people attend school or work away from home and have to miss spending time with their families during the holidays, something everyone loves about the holidays. Scavenger hunts always look like so much fun in movies. I, personally, have never been a part of one but I always wanted to try to organize one or help soeone organize one at school. So my group and I think having a holiday scavenger hunt for the people that are kind of bummed out about not being able to spend time with their families. Even famillies that are spending time together for the holidays can come and enjoy a friendly competition.with each other. My family loves to compete against each other in everything. If they see a basketball, they have to see who would win at a one-on-one game or shoot the most baskets. We all get really into the game that we have to force someone to calm us down so we won't get into a huge debate. 
    They would have to form teams of two or three people. Then we would have a list of places they have to go do a certain action at and provide evidence with a photo or have to get something that is only at that specific location. I would contribute by helping organize the event by designing and printing out flyers to hang around campus, at local business, and put it on a social media network.

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