For TAMUK students that are stuck on campus for the holidays, my
group has organized a Winter Scavenger Hunt. We thought the students stuck here
should do something fun especially after finals week. Tori created flyers that
she put up all around campus to get the word out about the scavenger hunt.
Adrianna also made flyers but they were smaller so you could pass out to
students. She also wrote the letters to professors and donors. Ivonne and I made
a list of all the places to meet at. A copy of everything we each did is on our
Prezi presentation.

To start the scavenger hunt, the students have to make sure they
have their own vehicle since the hunt ends in Corpus Christi and they must also
have a camera or a phone with a camera. Everyone will meet at College Hall at
1:30 on December 17, 2012. There students will be given their list of places
  they must go and take a picture at. The places are organized with Kingsville
  area first then leads to Corpus Christi. The final place is the USS Lexington.
The first 3 teams there with the most pictures will determine the winners. The
  first, second, and third place prizes include iTunes cards, alarm clocks, and
  USB drives. All other participants will receive maps of the Kingsville/ Corpus
  Christi area so next time they want to go to a place that was on the list, they
  can find it with the help of their map. I hope that everyone has a great time
  at the hunt that we worked really hard to organize. Happy Holidays! 

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