Many times during the winter break, college students do not travel home. Sometimes it is because of finances, sometimes it is because because they live hundreds to even thousands of miles from home. However, though they may be far from home, there are activities they could participate in. One interesting activity could be a scavenger hunt. It could begin by having all the students begin at one location and then giving them a list of places they need to visit in both the college town and in surrounding towns. The students could split up into teams of three or four. However, in this specific scavenger hunt, just visiting the locations would not be enough. There would need to be proof, such as taking a picture. However, the participants would need to be in the pictures to make sure that they were really there, not just passing by. Then, after a set time, such as three or four hours, all of the groups would need to meet back at the starting location. Whoever visits the most locations wins first, whoever visits the second most wins second, and whoever visits the third most wins third place. Each of those winning team would receive a prize. Also, there would be a prize for last place. The last place team would receive a map. This activity would be a fun way to let college students not only participate in a fun activity, but to give them a chance to travel around and see the surrounding area.

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